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Loud Lounge Airstream

Loud Lounge Airstream

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Step into the world of vibrant fun with our Loud Lounge Airstream Collection! Inspired by the newly renovated loud lounge airstream, this collection features four captivating shades that will ignite your inner party spirit. Get ready to paint the town fabulous and express your playful side like never before!

Funhouse: Experience the excitement with this flirty pink creme. Its sassy charm will make your nails pop. The real magic happens with the blue to purple shimmery shift that dances across your nails, creating mesmerizing swirls of color that will leave you dizzy.

Fresh Start: Embrace a fresh beginning with this deep green jelly base. Reflective green glitters add a touch of magic, like shimmering sunlight filtering through the leaves. Let Fresh Start remind you that every moment is a chance to start anew and conquer the day.

Disco-nnect: Get your groove on with this holographic square glitter sensation. Inspired by our dazzling disco wall, Disco-nnect is here to make your nails shine like never before. Sparkle and shimmer your way into the spotlight and disconnect from the ordinary.

Smtn Ktn: Unleash your wild side with this cool grey creme and pink shimmery shift. It's the perfect shade to show off your rebellious spirit and embrace the party animal within. Rock the loud lounge scene and let Smtn Ktn be your ultimate style statement.

But that's not all! Complete your collection with our exclusive Holo Airstream Sticker. Stick it anywhere to add a touch of loud lounge flair to your world. Let it be a constant reminder of the unforgettable moments and vibrant energy that the airstream embodies.

Story Time✨

The Loud Lounge began with our first location on Elm Ave. It quickly turned into "Nightmare on Elm Ave" with the insane parking and construction but it created an opportunity for us to start fresh and pivot in a new direction. We look forward to whats next!


Shipping & Returns

We ship all orders within 3-5 business days using USPS. No returns, all sales are final.

Care Instructions

We recommend starting with a base coat, apply polish in two coats and finish with a base coat. Don't forget to cap the tips.

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