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Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File

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This Glassy file might have an attitude, but it’s only because other nail files are impersonating her. She knows she’s the real thing and the phonies don’t compare.

She might be a little two-faced, but it’s part of her charm. On one side she is tough and meant to get shit done, perfect for effortlessly shaping your nails to your desired shape. On the smoother side, she is perfectly poised to help smooth your nails and prevent unnecessary chipping.

Product Details: 

  • Duo- sided glass nail file. Each side has a different level grit. 1 side is super smooth and the other is coarser, great for shaping your nails.
  • 135 mm length, 3 mm thick, pointed.
  • Includes a black velvet sleeve to keep her clean.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Glass nail files are meant to last virtually forever but are not meant to be tossed in your bag unprotected. They are still made of glass and can break. The velvet sleeve Glassy B*tch comes with is not enough protection for travel. Please treat her with care and she will serve you for many years to come.


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We ship all orders within 3-5 business days using USPS. No returns, all sales are final.

Care Instructions

We recommend starting with a base coat, apply polish in two coats and finish with a base coat. Don't forget to cap the tips.

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