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Introducing Funhouse: Welcome to the Party!

Step right up and experience the excitement of Funhouse! We color matched this pink to the exact shade of pink in the new loud lounge, then we added a chameleon shimmery shift that changes from blue to purple to pink depending on how the light hits your fingers.

With its playful pink creme base, Funhouse adds a splash of cheerful energy to your nails. It's the perfect hue to make a bold statement and show off your fun-loving personality. But hold on tight—the real magic happens with the blue to purple shimmery shift that dances across your nails, creating mesmerizing swirls of color that will leave you dizzy.

Get your groove on, feel the beat, and let Funhouse Nail Polish be your ticket to a world of cool and vibrant fun. It's time to step into the party zone and bring the party to your fingertips. Let the colorful swirls on your nails tell the story of your unforgettable night.

Story Time✨

This pink shade is called Funhouse by Behr. We knew we had to make it into a nail polish as soon as we painted the walls. 


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We ship all orders within 3-5 business days using USPS. No returns, all sales are final.

Care Instructions

We recommend starting with a base coat, apply polish in two coats and finish with a base coat. Don't forget to cap the tips.

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